Binatone HR-09 User Manual

Page 10

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When winding keep the hair at a right angle to the
hair roller surface and in so doing the width of locks
being wound should not exceed the length of the hair
roller. Wind the hair smoothly, check that the hair tips
are not crumpled, and then you will get perfect curls.

Hair styling products

Foam fixers (mousses and styling foams) give volume
to the hairstyle and help the curls to last longer. Such
hair styling products should be applied on wet hair.
Before curling dry your hair with hair dryer. Do not
apply too much styling foam to your hair, or the dried
hair will have an untidy look.
Styling lotions give your hairstyle volume and dura-
bility. Unlike the styling foams, the lotions may be
applied on dry hair.
Gel makes your hairstyle last longer. By using gel, it
is possible to fashion any short haircut and make it
last longer. Gel may also be used to curl and wave
the thick hair that could not be styled by other means.
Wet look gel gives a wet look style.
Hair wax helps to style frizzy and dry hair. At the
same time the wax cares for your hair because it con-
tains oils; which helps to style you hair and make it
Hair spray is used to finish your hairstyle; it fixes the
hair and makes it look shiny. It is not recommended
to comb your hair after using the hair spray.

Hair care

To keep your hair healthy, we advise to make weekly

nutritional hair pack: mix 2 eggs and 2 tablespoonfuls of