Cleaning – Binatone HR-09 User Manual

Page 8

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around a roller (2) starting from the hair end to the
roots. Fix the roller using the butterfly clip (3) (see
Fig. B). Apply the same method for curling remain-
ing strands.


use the rollers only on dry or slightly wet hair.

Use styling aids to ensure lasting styling.

8. Leave the rollers until the rollers cool down (approxi-

mately 10-15 minutes). As the rollers get colder, they
regain their initial color. If you used the rollers on wet
hair, make sure your hair is dry before removing the

9. Unlock the butterfly clips accurately and remove the

rollers (2). Let the hair get cool and then style it as
you wish. Don’t comb your hair after curling. Accu-
rately style your hair using fingers or a comb with
wide teeth. Use hair spray for long-lasting hold, if

10.Always unplug the appliance immediately after use.
11.Allow the rollers (2) to cool before putting them to

the pouch (4) for storage.


1. Unplug the appliance and let it cool
2. To clean the base (1) wipe it with a
damp cloth. Never submerge the appli-
ance in water. Always keep the base (1)