Safety measures, Traveling hair rollers hr-09 – Binatone HR-09 User Manual

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Traveling Hair Rollers HR-09

Please read the safety instructions carefully before

using this appliance. Please retain the instructions
for future reference.


When using your appliance, the follow-

ing basic safety precautions should always
be followed:

Before using for the first time, check that

the appliance voltage is the same as your
local supply.

Only use the appliance for the purposes stipulated
by the instructions.
Only use attachments supplied with the equipment.
To avoid electric shocks, do not immerse the ap-
pliance, plug or power cord in water or any
other liquids. Do not place the appliance where it
could come into contact with water or other liquids.
If the appliance comes in contact with water, imme-
diately disconnect it from the mains. Do not use the
machine again until it has been serviced by an au-
thorized service center.
Do not let children use the appliance without super-
If the plug of the appliance’s power cord does not
fit your wall outlet, contact an authorized service