Helpful hints – Binatone HR-09 User Manual

Page 9

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Hair setting

Using electric hair rollers is a more gentle

method of curling and gives the hair a more
luxuriant look than using an electric curling
iron. Choose hair rollers of appropriate size
to suit your hair type and length. Medium

and large hair rollers give your hair more volume,
but curls from small hair rollers last longer.
To make your hairstyle last longer, before setting the
hair wet it a little and apply a hair styling product,
divide the hair into locks and wind them. When the
hair rollers cool down, remove them and comb the
hair with a wide-tooth comb.
When setting the hair always keep the locks at a right
angle to the head, otherwise the curled locks at their
roots will remain straight.

3. Clean the rollers (2) using a damp cloth. Always

make sure that the rollers contact point is dry.
Never install the rollers on the base (1) if the
contact points are wet!

4. You may use soapy water to clean the butterfly clips


5. Dry the appliance carefully before storage.
6. Always put the appliance to the pouch (4) after use,

to protect it against dust.

7. If you have not used the appliance for a long time,

clean it before use.