Chapter four: operations, 1 turn on, 2 menu operations – ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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Chapter Four: Operations

1 Turn on


The Power LED will light after powering on correctly. Please refer to2.6 Rear Panel Connection for details of

connection method. Press 【Power on/off】 button to start up device. The preview screen will appear .After

pressing 【ESC】 button of panel or remoter, or right clicking mouse, the login box appears. Please select

proper user and type in relevant password to log in.

Note1: It costs about 60 seconds to start up, please wait for a moment.

Note2: Modify password by selecting <Tool Bar>→<System>→<System Setting>→<Password Setting>.

Set as indicated, new password will take effect instantly.

Note3: Default password for Admin is 111111.Default password for User is 111111;Admin password

can be restored to factory defaults by short-circuit “JP 1” on main board. After logining the DVR by Admin, the

Admin user can change user’s password. The system support 8 users, and the Admin is the manager user

with all permissions, whose name cannot be deleted or changed. The Admin user can add and delete all other

users and the permissions corresponding.

Note4: The DVR will buzz and “NO Hard disk” appears when without hard disk. User can choose whether

to buzz or not when without hard disk.

Note5: The DVR can identify display device automatically. When connected either to VGA or TV, the menu

will be on the specified screen automatically after start-up; when connecting VGA and TV simultaneously, two

images will be displayed on the screen , the menu will be on the VGA firstly. User can switch by clicking in

the tool bar.
*System settings

Language: Please enter<Tool Bar>→<System>→<System Setting>→<Language> to set language.

VGA Resolution: Please enter<Tool Bar>→<System>→<System Setting>→<VGA Resolution> to set VGA

resolution and refresh rate. It supports800×600@60Hz、1024×768@60Hz、1280×1024@60Hz、

1440×900@60Hz currently. Please select relevant values according to the parameters of VGA.

Date/Time: Please enter<Tool Bar>→<System>→<System Setting>→<Time Format> to set time format. 12

hours and 24 hours are supported. Please enter<Tool Bar>→<System>→<System Setting>→<Time Setting>

to set date and time.

Video Standard: Please enter<Tool Bar>→<System>→<System Setting>→<Video Standard> to set video

standard. PAL, SECAME, and NTSC are supported. Please setaccording to the parameters of camera.

This chapter mainly describes the main system operations of DVR. Please see the following contents for


2 Menu Operations

Press [SET] button to enter into system setting screen.

Press [●] button to start/stop recording manually.

Press [ ‖] button to play record file.

Press [PTZ] button to enter into PTZ control screen.

Note: This manual indicates the Menu selection icons and selection boxes in 〖XX〗; the buttons in Menu

screen (except menu selection icons) in<XX>; the buttons on front panel and remote controller in【XX】.

The highlight menu is the current active one. User can move highlight icon to the menu needed using

▲】、【▼】、【 】、【 】button, and press 【OK】 button to confirm selection, or press 【ESC】

button to return to upper menu.

Selection box: User can move highlight icon to the selection box needed using 【 】、【 】 button, and press

OK】 button to confirm selection. Multiple items are allowed to be selected together at once by left clicking


Sub menu list: User can move highlight icon to the sub menu needed using 【 】、【 】 button. Or roll

mouse to select directly. Only one item can be selected here.

Edition box: when in edition box, user can type in numbers directly by pressing number buttons. Press 【DEL

to delete the character before cursor and press 【OK】 or 【ESC】 button to exit.

Sub screen button: Press it to pop up sub screen. When in sub screen, select〖Confirm〗to save

configuration and return to the upper menu. Press 【ESC】 or select〖Cancel〗to return to the upper menu

without being saved.

Use 【 】、【 】 to move highlight icon to any of the selection boxes. Press 【OK】 button to switch to

another selection status. Use【▲】、【▼】 to specify the sub menu value where sub menu selections exist.

Exit: User can click button on the right upper corner, or single right click mouse, or press 【ESC】 button to

enter into the Save & Exit screen. You can select exit directly or exit after being saved.

Note: There are two different ways to take effect: take effect instantly, take effect after being saved. Please

refer to the navigation for details.