2 methods of calculating hdd capacity – ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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2 Methods of Calculating HDD Capacity

1) Calculate the maximum capacity of the build-in hard disk.

*Timing Recording:

Step 1: Calculate the maximum capacity of the hard disk needed in selected channel per hour, suppose as Si

(MByte) (i is the channel number), and suppose the bit rate of the channel selected as D (Kbit/s). The formula

of calculation is:

Si =(D*3600)/(8*1024)= D * 0.439453125 MB

Step 2: Confirm the storage time length, suppose as T hours. The total maximum capacity of the hard disk

needed in selected channel for T hours, suppose as St is:

St = T * S1

Step 3: Confirm the total numbers of the channels, suppose as n. The total maximum capacity of the hard

disk needed, suppose as Sc is:

Sc = S1 + S2 + … + Sn

Alarm Recording:

Suppose the rate of alarming as α%. The capacity of the hard disk needed in alarm recording supposed as

Sa is:

Sa = Sc * α%
2) Calculate the compression bit rate for recording T hours.

*Timing Recording

Step 1: Suppose the capacity of the hard disk as S, the total numbers of the channel as n. The capacity of

hard disk needed per channel supposed as Di is:

Di = S / n

Step 2: Suppose the total recording time as T hours. The capacity of the hard disk needed per hour per

channel supposed as Dt is:

Dt = Di / T

Step 3: The bit rate of all channels supposed as Dc is:

Table V 2 Main Functions

Main Functions



Multiple control methods: mouse, IR remote controller, front panel and GUI with

navigation supported.

Recording status and alarming status can be displayed directly on

desktop and front panel.


Five recording modes: Manual, Schedule, Motion Detection, Alarm, and Motion

Detection & Alarm supported.

Selectable Record Quality: Best, High, Mid, Low and User-defined.


Play progress bar supported.

Multiple channel video/audio playback simultaneously.

Play, pause, stop, single frame forward, fast forward and backward

(up to 4/9ruple when playback 4 channels) supported.


Multiple backup modes: USB flash disk, USB HDD, USB CD-RW, and DVD-RW

supported. The output format can be H.264 RAW..


Versions supported by client side are as follows: Android 2.1~2.3; Symbian V3/V5,

windows mobile5.5/6.1,ipad ios 5 and Iphone,BlackBerry 7

Mobile phone



PTZ Control

IPv4, PPPOE client, DHCP client and TCP/UDP protocol supported.

The Web Client and Client Application Software are provided for remote configuration,

video browse, local recording, local and remote playback, and remote PTZ control.

Network transmitting supports independent coding.

The time delay of LAN is less than 300ms.

The log of operation and alarming will be saved automatically. User can directly play

the record files that being record when the alarm event occurs.
Multiple protocols: Pelco-P, Pelco-D, and Samsung, etc. supported. Upgrade of

protocol supported.

Multiple PTZ operations: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Preset, Sequence, Track and Auxiliary

Switch supported.



4 channel alarm input NO/NC supported.

Motion detection and alarm of video loss supported.

Trigger recording, Linkage PTZ preset and Bee alarm supported.

The alarm information can be sent to Web Client or Client Application Software

through network.




Multi- account supported. Users can set & recover password,

authentication management.
Hardware Watch Dog supported. Device will be restarted if operations being

not respondedfor 30 seconds or more .