3 record – ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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"Alarm output" / "hard disk capacity" / "number of the client connection" / "system time."
Indicateshard diskbeing ok.The number indicatesthe percentage of the total capacity of the hard disk.
Indicates“Hard disk error” Or “No hard disk”.
Indicatesclient connection. The number shows client linking number
Indicates“No client connection”
2) Tool Bar

Right click mouse or press [OK] button in preview mode, the Tool Bar shown as below will appear:

FigIV 1 System toobar

: Hide the tool bar.

: System configuration. Please see IV.2 Menu Structure for details.

: Manual record. Please see IV.3.1 Manual record for details.

: Search, playback and backup record files, please see IV.6 Video Playback and IV.7 Videl Backup for


: PTZ operation. Please see IV.5 PTZ Control for details.

: Click to cancel alarm notification. Click this button will pop a message to show the present alarm


: Fast playback.User can enter 10, 20, 30, or 60 seconds before position to start playback and can also

jump to a specified time in the video.

: Power off.Click this button will pop a message of“confirm password”. User has to enter Admin

password to shut down.

、 、 :To set the preview mode of “Single splits view” ,”4 splits view”,”6 splits view” “8

splits view” “9splits view” “16 splits view”.

:Fast switch TV and VGA. Menu will not be available on the current screen, only a preview image.

:To adjust the screen, 8 pixels per unit.

To reduce or increase screen in vertical direction.

、 : To reduce or increase screen in horizontal direction.

、 、 、 : To move the screen up, down, left, right.

: To zoom out the screen to largest and show in central.

Note1:When mouse moves to the tool bar icon, the indication information will come out to help users to


Note2:When video source is PAL, screen display range max is 720*576;When NTSC, screen display

max 720*480.

Note3: Switch display menu between VGA and TV by selecting【ESC】->【1】->【ESC】(sequence

must be pressed within 3 seconds) on the remote control or Front panel.

3 Record

Record type contains manual record and schedule record. The priority of manual record is higher than
schedule. If the record schedule is conflict with manual record, the manual record will be processed firstly
until the manual record being canceled.
Record types include “common recording” / “alarm triggered recording” / “motion detection triggered
recording” / “alarm | motion detection triggered recording”. Each of them is indicated with grid of different
color, and each color indicates a particular record status. Please see Fig IV-2record schedule for details.
Record resolution: The device support "CIF" / "HALF D1" / "D1"format.
Record quality: “Best 768Kbps” / “High 640Kbps” / “Better 512Kbps” / “Common 384Kbps”. And “User setting”
can help user to set one bit rate up to 2048Kbps.
Record frame rate: if the current selection is PAL, the frame rate options are “All” / “12” / “6” / “3” / “1” /
“Customized”. If the current selection is NTSC, the frame rate options are “All”/ “15” / “7” / “3” / “1”
/“Customized”. Default is “All”, 25 fps for PAL and 30 fps for NTSC.
Record Resource: “Video” for video only or “Video and Audio” for recording video and audio.

、 、 、