Symbian s60 3rd english version – ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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Click 【Setting】 on the Fig.VI-8, the fig.VI-9 shown as below will appear.

Type in the right 【User Name】 and 【Password】, which must be according with the user name and

password on DVR side.Type in the IP address on 【Server】column.Type in the 【Port】 for connection such

as 7050.Click 【OK】 to save and exit the screen.

Symbian S60 3rd English Version





FigV 3 Screen of DVR sub stream configuration

FigV 4 Screen of DVR sub stream settings

FigV 6 Main screen of mobile phone monitor software

FigV 5 Screen of download mobile phone side software

2) Installation and running of client (mobile phone) procedure

*Versions supported by client side are as follows

Android 2.1~2.3; Symbian V3/V5,windows mobile5.5/6.1,ipad ios 5 and Iphone,BlackBerry 7.

Note: Let’s take winmobile6.0 for example to show you how to install and run the procedure.

*Download Mobile phone client side

Please in accompanied with CD in get, or contact the sales manufacturers. Enter into mobile phone

system and type in IP address into IE address column in the form of

Then press 【Enter】, the screen shown as the figure VI-7 below will appear. Select the corresponding

client side software by using up and down button of mobile phone.

Note: Part of the mobile phone software may need to mobile phone system support RAR decompression


Shown as the figure V1-6 below to set 【FPS】 and 【Bitrate】,the frequently-used frame rate is 3 fps, and data bit 128 kbps.