ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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*sharing file access methods:Open Network neighborhood, type in\\IP address, for example:
\\, enter the login interface, type in the Super Admin user name and password, the shared
files can be accessible now(Open folder “videoout”.)

Note:After player plug is installed, video files can be played by Windows Media Player.

*Email Setting:Click [>>], the EMAIL setup screen will appear. This function requires to take effect of the

alarm linkage. Enter the mail server address in the screen (support domain method), login account,

password, recipient, sender mail address. Pressing the [Test] button next to sender mail address will send a

test email.

*Mobile port: port is the channel of mobile phone when the data transmission, all the media and signaling

data transmitted by this port.

*FTP server: select FTP upload, and click [>>] to set FTP server IP, user name and password. The caught

snapshot can be uploaded to the FTP server.

*UPNP: start UPNP, select [>>], device will automatically find the intranet modem UPNP service, and map the

HTTP, signal, media, cellphone port, and return the map result and modem’s internet IP. After mapping is

successful, user can access the IE client from an internet enabled PC through the internet IP.

*IP ACCESS: When turned off, any PC can access the device; When black list is in use, a PC with an IP

entered in the black list cannot access the device’s IE client, but PC not on the list can access it; When white

list is in use, a PC with an IP entered on the white list can access the device’s IE client, but other PCs cannot

access it.

*Time synchronization: Click [>>] to start synchronization, the device can automatically synchronize by setting

the server name, synchronization interval, time zone.

Note1: All of these settings of network will take effect after being saved.

Note2: Currently only support PPPoE mail server with SMTP protocol.

Note3:Enter into mobile phone system and type in IP address into IE address column in the form of

Versions supported by client side are as follows: Android 2.1~2.3; Symbian V3/V5,windows mobile5.5/6.1,

ipad ios 5 and Iphone,BlackBerry 7. Please refer to “Appendix5:Introduction of Mobile phone Monitor” for

2) Web Client Operation

Open IE browser, type in IP address, the log-in screen will appear.

Note1: If PPPoE or DHCP is selected, user has to check IP address again after restarting device.

Note2: If it is the first time login through IE, please install the Active X of IE and type in user name and

password. Default user name and password are: Admin (case sensitive). If the plug-inscan not be

downloaded normally, please lower IE's security level:

Click [Tools] and choose [Internet Options] in the IE menu bar to enter the ‘Internet Options’ page. Choose

[Security] and click [Custom level…] to enter the ‘Security Settings’ page, Enable ActiveX controls and

plug-ins,Click [OK] to save the se ttings.

Note3: Compared with the local side, the added settings on IE Web client side are as the table below:

3) Web Screen Description

FigIV 3Web Screen

Table IV 1 Settings added on IE side




Name of server is configurable on Web client side.


The channel OSD is User-defined.


User can adjust miniNVR time accordance with PC time.


Device states can be viewed directly.