5 hard disk installation, 6 rear panel connection – ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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5 Hard Disk Installation

The hard disk is not included in factory fittings. Users can mount suitable hard disk by calculating its capacity

referring to “Appendix 5.2 Methods of Calculating HDD Capacity”.

6 Rear Panel Connection

*Power Input

Connect power adapter to Power Input interface of DVR. Confirm that the DVR power supply input switch is

positioned correctly for the local voltage before connecting and powering on the unit.

Turn on the unit. The power LED will light if the power cable is connected correctly.

Note: Please use the power adapter contained in the package.
*Video Input

The video input interface is standard BNC socket, 1Vp-p, 75 Ω.

Note: The video signal cable should keep away from the interference of strong electromagnetism and city

electric field.
*Audio Input

The audio input interface is standard RCA socket, 2Vp-p, 600 Ω.

Note: The audio input resistance is a little bit high; please use active sound collection device or active

microphone. And the audio signal cable should keep away from the interference of strong electromagnetism

and electric field.
*Network Input

The network input interface is RJ45 10/100M self-adaptive.

Note:Confirm that the network band width is enough for transmitting high definition image smoothly.
*Alarm Input and Output

The alarm input device should be the type of GND connected alarm or voltage input alarm, which can be set

as N/O. or N/C.

The requirement of signal input level for voltage input alarm type is: low level: 0~2V; high level: 5~15V.

The green angle pins of signal cable are supplied for access of PTZ and alarming devices. Please follow

these steps to connect:

1、Pull out the angle pins that inserted in the alarm input and output interfaces.

2、Screw out the screws by micro Philips screwdriver, insert the signal cable into interface under spring, and

then tighten the screws.

3、Plug in the connected pins into green angle pin socket.

1) Installation procedure
*Open the DVR case. Mount the 4 shock absorption washers into the clamping slots (four protruding steps) in

the case.
*Connect the HDD data cable and HDD power cable to HDD.
*Attach the hard disk to the shock absorption washers by aiming installation holes to the case, hold and fix

them by 4 M3*12 Head Screws plus plain washers.
*Connect the HDD data cable and HDD power cable to the respond interfaces of main board.
*Replace the DVR top cover, and fix it by screws.

Note1: Please use the HDD special for DVR, and buy HDD from regular channels so that the quality can be


Note2: Please format HDD for the first use, or system will sent error notification of “Hard disk error”

accompanied with audio alarm. Please see 4.9 Maintenance for details.

*PTZ Input

Connect the PTZ control interface to RS485 interfaces of rear panel. The connection method is similar as above.

Note: Please refer to PTZ manual for setting specific parameters, for some PTZ devices contain multiple

telecommunication protocols, baud rates and IDs.
*Video output:

VGA/Monitor Input

*Video output interface: TV andVGA, which can work together simultaneously.

Note: VGA and TV cannot be in the operation interface simultaneously, but be switched by mouse, panel and

remote control in the menu.