ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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FigIV 2Record Schedule

The current recording channel number

The record schedule

Description of record type

Users are free to select a week day or the day of a period of time System provides a recording option for

hours every day ora week day. Unit is hour. One grid indicates one hour.

Move highlight icon to a time grid using 【Direction】 buttons.

Specify the recording type by repeat pressing 【OK】 buttonor double left clicking mouse,(the color of the

grid will change relevantly).

Select【OK】to confirm settings. The settings will take effect after being saved.

Note1: User can copy the current setting onto the neighboring grid by pressing 【Fn】button first ,

Direction】 buttons secondly, and then the 【Fn】 button again to exit. Or user can drag mouse to set.

Note2: When motion detection recording is selected, the motion detection sensitivity and area should be

set ahead. Please refer to 4.4.2 Motion Detection Settings for details. When alarm recording is selected, the

alarm triggering settings should be set ahead. Please refer to 4.7.2 Event Handling for details.

4 Camera Control
1) PTZ Control
*PTZ Settings

Enter <Tool Bar>→<System>→<Video> to set camera channel, protocol, baud rate and ID.

Note: The different PTZ controlled by one PCI should have corresponding PTZ ID. There are 256PTZ ID

supported currently: 0-255.
*PTZ Operations

In preview mode, select a tile first (in 4/9/16 splits view mode, the selected tile is with highlight greenborder)

using mouse or 【Numbers】 buttons, and then enter <Tool Bar>→<PTZ Control> to the PTZ Control screen

that described as the table below:

2) Record Schedule
Please enter<Tool Bar>→<System>→<Record Setting> to set record schedule. The setting screen is shown
as the figure below:

Note:Please refer to Appendix 6.2 for the methods of calculating HDD capacity.
1) Manual Record

Please enter <Tool Bar>→<Manual Record> to let the specific channel record or not.

Press【●】 button to start/stop recording manually.

Note1:The type of the video recorded manually is “common recording”.

Note2: The highest priority of record mode is manual record.