ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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intervals over the segmentation preview. Set < PREVIEW CRUISE> is not enabled, the preview will be back

to the initial interface after saving the setting.Select <DVR IDNUMBER>,the number can be entered : 1 ~

99.The remote controller and 485 keyboard can control device one to one when setting the same number .

select <SPOT SETTING >→【>>】to enter the setting screen. Set SPOT channel and time: the DWELL time

decides a period of channel which be slected.

Click【Add】to add the channel to the Matrix output. After being saved, the video output will take effect. All of

video channels connected with video inputs of DVR can be sequentially switched for SPOT monitoring output.

Select<DST>-【>>】to enter DST settings. User can set beginning and ending dates and time of DST.

Device will automatically adjust the time after being saved.

After started <menu timeout>, when there is no any mouse motion on the menu timeouts settings screen for a

while, preview screen and search screen, control device will automatically lock the screen. User need to

re-login to unlock the screen; PTZ, video playback and back-up screen are never be locked.

Select <channel lock>-【>>】to enter channel lock setting screen. Click the channel as wanted, and select

OK】. User can not see the locked channel after login out. Only Admin can set and unlock channel lock


Note: <system setup>-<advanced settings>, user can set recourse distribution mode, code mode and

playback mode.
2) User management

Please enter<tool bar>-<setting>-<system setup>-<advanced setting>. Select <ADD USER>→【>>】to enter

the settingscreen, the password of new user is 111111, user can enter < Tool Bar>→< Setting >→<System>→

<Password Settings>to modify the password; Select <DEL USER>→【>>】to enter the settingscreen, Admin

can delete the specified user.

Select < AUTHORITY MANAGE >→【>>】to enter the < AUTHORITY MANAGE >→

>>】to enter the settingscreen.

Authority setting contains the authority optionsof local and remote.

Select < AUTHORITY MANAGE >→【>>】to enter the setting screen. select < AUTHORITY MANAGE >→

>>】to enter the settingscreen.

Authority setting contains the authority optionsof local and remote.


Fig IV 4AuthoritySetting

Move highlight icon to anoption using 【Direction】 buttons. Press 【OK】 button or click mouse to select the
3) Advanced Setting of Record
Please enter <Tool Bar>→< Setting >→<Record>→【Advanced Setting>>】→<SUB STREAM>,select
Enable, press 【>>】 key to enter the setting screen.Then user can customize the sub-stream frame rate and
bit rate. Sub-stream support frame rate 1-15, bit rate 32K-512K.
4) Advanced Setting of Video

Please enter <Tool Bar>ering/ " BuzzeVideo>d [Advanced Setting>>],


After the setting area moveingmotion,theincident could be linked to those handling : “RECORD " / " ALARM

OUT " / " Buzzer " / " UPLOAD "

Note:Please refer to “4.2.2 Motion Detection Settings” for the setting of detection area and sensitivity.