ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

Page 27

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FigV 7 Screen of mobile phone settings FigV 8 Preview screen of mobile phone



Click 【Connect】 on the Fig.V-7, the fig.V-8 shown as the figure below will appear after several seconds of


You can select the channel that you want to preview by selecting in the pull-down menu of 【Channel】

column.Or you can click 【Disconnect】 to stop preview.


FigV 9 Buttons operation of mobile phone

all of these buttons are operated by PTZ.
From left to right, they are [Turn Left][Turn Right][Move Up][Move Down][Zoom out][Zoom in][Focus far][Focus

near][Enlarge Iris][Narrow downIris].
is for capture picture.

Note: Thanks for using our products. The installation above is take operation system of Windows Mobile for

example. There may be some differences between different software versions and operation systems cause

by updating without being noticing.