ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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“User” authority and password can be changed by “Admin”,


Upgrade:Click [Browse] to select the software package needed, and click [Start Upgrade] to progress. User

can stop the progress of upgrade by clicking [Stop Upgrade].

Adjust Time:Click [Adjust Time] to adjust time of device accordance with the PC time.


The information of HDD and channel state is contained here.
5) Playback

Click , the playback screen will appear.It includes file search, playback and download.

*File Search

The file search part is on the right upper side of the screen, please set target, type, start time and end time

there. Then click [Query] to start searching. The result will list on the table. Specify the files in the table list

and click on the playing control button or download button to do the relevant operations.

*File Playback

The play control screen is on the left side of the screen. It includes image display area, play control bar, and

channel information.

Click [Play], the record files selected will be displayed in time order. The progress of playing is shown as the

figure below:

The playing control bar is shown as the figure below. The descriptions of all these icons from left to right are

as follows:

Play; Pause; Stop; Go to next frame;

Fast play option (The speed of playing will be doubled by each clicking. It includes: 2X, 4X, 8X, and 16X);

Slow play option (The speed of playing will be half down by each clicking. It includes 1/2X, 1/4X, 1/8X,

and 1/16X);

Enhance contrast; Reduce contrast;

Enhance brightness; Reduce brightness;

Open/close voice; Go to previous file;

Go to next file ( and is enabled only when multiple record files being selected to play);

Snapshot (the storage directory can be set on the pop-up screen by clicking ).

The information of the record file selected will be displayed in the area shown as the figure below. It includes

device’s IP address, current play speed, channel number and start/end time of the record file.

*File Download

The File download operation part is on the right bottom of the screen.

Click to set the storage directory of the file selected. Click [Download] to start downloading.
6) Bidirectional Talk

Click in the Tool Bar to enable the bidirectional talk between Client Web and DVS side. A microphone

should be connected to the device through the Line-in interface. Click again to stop talking.
7) Log

Click , the screen of device logs will appear. There are four options for choosing: All, according to time,

according to type, according to time and type.

To search logs, please select the search mode and channel number needed first and then click [Search] to


Click [Export] to export logs in html format.

Target: Play Speed: normal
Channel: 1










All Record

2009-07-10 00:00:00

2009-07-10 09:21:09