ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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Thank you for buying our DVR

Dear customer, thank you for choosing to purchase and use our product!If while using this
product you encounter any technical problems or problems with quality, please contact us. We
are ready to serve you. In order that you can use this company’s product more conveniently,
please carefully review the repair warranty.
1. Service Contract
Full machine purchase can be refunded within 7 days and replaced in first three months. The
software can receive free upgrades in the first year, and in the first year can also receive limited
repair service for this product.
2. Requirements for return or replacement
The product outward appearance should have no scratches, be dirty, wrinkled, or have
alterations of any kind. Invoice, warranty and product certificate are needed.
3. In the event of the following situations, regardless of expirationDate, location, repair or part
replacement, our company must receive payment, and is not liable for any payment to the
consumer. All resulting loses will be the consumer’s responsibility:
In cases of use causing the product’s malfunction or damage, or if the environment is not
suitable for the product’s usage and causes malfunction or damage;
In cases of natural disasters, as defined by law, or unavoidable circumstances that are not
related to the product’s quality that cause the product’s malfunction or damage;
In cases that the consumer’s purchase receipt and the product ID number/model number written
on the repair card are inconsistent;
In cases that the consumer’s use, care, protection inadvertently cause the machine’s malfunction
or damage;
In cases that the product’s up-to-standard certificate is damaged;
In cases that there is no purchase receipt or repair card;
In cases that the repair warranty has already expired.
4. No other warranties, other than this company’s repair warranty or the national new three rules
is effective.
5. In order to ensure consumer’s rights, please carefully read the repair warranty content.