2 preview – ZMODO ZMD-DC-SBN6 16 Channel Standalone DVR User Manual

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Note1: In order to avoid record files’ time confusion, you’d better stop recording before modifying system


Note2: “Language” and“Time” will take effect instantly. “Record Resolution” and“Video Standard” will take

effect after being saved.

Note3: when the resolution setting exceeds the range of the display, please click 【ESC】->【2】->【

ESC】on the Front Panel or remote controller(within 3 seconds) to reduce the resolution to 800X600@60HZ

Note4: Users can refer to the navigations on the bottom of the main screen to look for relevant

guides.Meanwhile, navigation info will display“take effect instantly”/ “take effect after being saved”

2 Preview

After start-up system, the screen haslive view area and tool bar. Right click mouse in preview mode or press

OK】on the front panel , the Tool Bar will appear. System status colum can be draged to anywhere on the

screen by mouse.it will be back to the original position after device restarting. The column can be hided by

right-clicking the mouse.

Videos, OSD of channel name, record time, and alarm notifications will be displayed on the screen.
1) Channel Status Display Area

Under preview mode, channel shows current input image and channel statues information ( video statues and

mode, motion detection)


View Mode Switching

When in 1/4/6/8/9/16 splits view mode, the tile with high light green border is the current selected one. User
can use mouse or press 【Direction】 buttons to switch to another tile. If the audio output device is
connected, the audio can also be previewed together with video. The audio of current channel can be
previewed besides in playback mode.
User can select to display a single particular channel by pressing the Numbers buttons.

When in preview mode, user can enter into 1/4/6/8/9/16 splits view mode by pressing button directly, or


Note: For 8 channel DVR, the view mode can be directly switched by tool bar. Please refer to 4.2.3“Tool

*Image Parameters Setting

Please enter <Tool Bar>→<System>→<Video>→<Color Setting> to set brightness, contrast, hue and

saturation. It will take effect instantly.

Note1: User can set image parameters of one channel one time or all channels together at once by

selecting 〖All〗 in <Camera Channel>. It is similar in other screen when user wants to set four channels

together at once: select〖All〗 in <Channel>.

Note2: In preview mode, brightness, contrast can be adjusted by remote controller directly.

*OSD Settings

The OSD of channel name and system time is supported. Please senter<Tool Bar>→<System>→<Record

Setting>→<OSD Setting> to set. The channel name will be displayed on left upper corner and the channel

time will be displayed on the righter corner of the screen.
*Channel Status Display Area

The channel statuses include: “motion detection triggered recording” / “common recording” /”motion

recording”/ “alarm triggered recording” / “external alarm input” /“alarm output”.

Indication of “motion detection” / “common recording” / “alarm recording” will be displayed on the right upper

corner of screen. The details are as follows:

indicates “motion detection”. The settings of motion detection include sensitivity and area selection.

Please see Motion Detection Settings for details.
Blue indicates “common recording”.Please see Record for details.
Green indicates“motion detection triggered recording”.
Red indicates “alarm triggered recording”.
Grey indicates “manual recording”.

Indication of “external alarm input” / “alarm output” will be displayed on system status column or Tool Bar. The

details are as follows:

The 4/8 icons indicate the alarm input status. If alarm defence mode is set, the icon is , otherwise it
is .When alarming, it changes into red . External alarm input can trigger multiple events handling,

please see Alarm Settings for details.
: The icons indicates alarm output. When alarming outputsoccuring,it changes into red .
1) system status bar
In preview mode, the system status bar will display current system status, including: "External alarm input" /