Q.V.P. VAK-MATIC: Special Instructions for the Industrial & Super Industrial Systems User Manual

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Special Instructions for the Industrial &

Super Industrial VAK-Matic Systems

6/19/2000 - Special Instructions for Industrial and Super Industrial Vak-Matics

The Industrial and Super Industrial VAK-Matic

Systems are built with multiple pumps inside the controller
box. Having multiple pumps makes these two systems
very versatile. The reason why these systems are made
with multiple pumps, instead of one big pump, revolves
around two very important factors: Compressed Air
Requirements, and Reliability.

Compressed Air Requirements: To run all pumps within
your system requires a specific amount of compressed air
(Industrial System, 13 CFM@ 85 PSI.- Super Industrial
System, 19 CFM@ 85 PSI). In times when your
compressor is being used by other tools in the shop, and it
cannot produce enough compressed air to run your
system effectively, you can turn the Toggle Switch ( the
metal ON/OFF switch found on your box) to the OFF
position. By turning the toggle switch to the OFF position,
you can turn off one of the pumps inside the controller box.
This will allow you to evacuate your bag or frame press to
complete your job when you do not have enough
compressed air to run your system at full speed. Your
vacuum press will still get up the maximum pressing force,
however it will take longer to evacuate your bag or frame
press. (With the toggle switch OFF, your Industrial System
will run 50% slower, and your Super Industrial System will
run 66% slower). Many woodworkers will turn their toggle
switch to the OFF position when Vacuum Clamping. This
will conserve compressed air, because on a typical
clamping job, just one of the pumps inside will provide
sufficient clamping force, while still conserving
compressed air.

Reliability: Another Reason why Quality VAKuum
Products, Inc. has made their Industrial and Super
Industrial systems with multiple pumps is to increase the
reliability of these systems. If for any reason one of the
pumps inside the controller stops working during a job, you
can still complete the job with the remaining pump(s).
Even though it is very unlikely that a pumps will stop
working, this is a very nice feature to have.

Vacuum Connector Assemblies or VCAs
Enclosed with each system will be one or two VCA6’s
for each bag. Long narrow bags only require one
VCA6. The VCA6’s are used to create the
connection between your bag and the vacuum
tubing. (Please read the Bag Instructions on how to
correctly install a VCA6).

Vacuum Hose
With each systems, you will receive a 20 ft. Length of
thick walled vacuum tubing. It should be cut to your
particular requirements. (Example: If you want to put
one of your VCA6’s at the opposite ends of the bag, it
might be easier to cut a longer piece to reach the
farthest VCA6. Also, if you are planning on pressing
multiple bags at once, you will want to cut the hose to
allow comfortable spacing between your bags,
manifold, and controller box)

Included with your unit is a TEE with two short hoses
attached. Use this whenever you want to use a bag
with one VCA6 or when using the unit for VAK
Klamping with a vacuum jig or fixture.