Q.V.P. NU-Matic 10 User Manual

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8/18/06 - Nu-Matic Industrial.cdr

Place your VCA6 connector under the bag
wherever it is most convenient for you.

VAKuum Bag


Frame Press

Toggle Switch (3 position)

VAKuum Sensor

Compressed Air

Two very important items to note about the NU-Matic. The air pressure must be kept between 85 and 100 psi. Having the
pressure exceed 100 psi could cause damage to some components.

The second item is to provide clean air. If you have filtered air and are using quick disconnects, make sure that the female
connector is clean. Having filtered air will not do you any good if you pick up the female connector off the floor and it has
sawdust and chips in it. These will blow into the components and possibly cause a problem.

The NU-Matic has a three position toggle switch in the top center of the box. This allows you to turn the unit on to run
continuously or to be regulated when used with a VAKuum Bag or frame Press.

1. Attach your air line to the right side fitting (1/4 NPT). If you are using a quick disconnect, make sure you use a high flo
QD with the NU 10, 15 and 20. A high flo QD will have a thru hole of just over ¼“ diameter (.275”). Also your incoming
air line should be at least a 3/8” I.D. If the unit is new and fails to reach vacuum level and shut off, it’s probably due to lack
of compressed air due to the small hole size in your line or Q.D. If you do not have Hi Flo Q.D.’s, then thread the air line
directly onto the unit.

2. With the unit will be a Y hose set-up. This is used to connect both vacuum ports from the unit to one connector in the bag
or frame press. Bags up to 8’6“ will work properly with just one connector. Attach this connector to initially test the unit.
Attach the Y hose to both barbs and block the other end with your thumb.

Flip the toggle switch to the VAK Bag position. The unit should go to VAKuum level (24 to 25“ Hg) and shut off. If the
unit goes up to VAKuum level and shuts off, you can connect the hose(s) to the bag or frame press.

The air pressure gauge must be between 85 and 100 psi when the unit is running. Not enough pressure and the unit will
not shut off. If this is the case, turn the two way toggle switch to off. This will shut of one of the Venturi VAK Pumps and
reduce the air consumption requirement.

The VAKuum sensor is just below the toggle switch. Turning it counter clockwise will cause the unit to shut off at a lower
vacuum level. Do not adjust this unless you want less pressure (weak form) or you do not have enough air to get to
vacuum level.

Vacuum Lines

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Note on adjusting the gauges to ZERO with liquid filled gauges!
In shipping, the gauge can get bounced around and not be at zero. Disconnect the air line, open the box (4 screws on the bottom)
and position the box so that the rubber grommet on the gauge is up. With your fingernail, lift the grommet so that air gets into
the body of the gauge. This will reset it to zero.