Q.V.P. Replacing a Frame Press Top User Manual

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Frame Press Top

10/18/2012 r3 Replacing The Frame Press Top Instructions.cdr

Remove the old top by pulling it off the aluminum
frame. Clean the frame with acetone or PVC pipe
cleaner that does not leave a film.

NOTE: If you are just re-sticking the existing top
to the frame clean the old top with acetone/PVC
pipe cleaner being careful not to use an access,
as acetone and PVC pipe cleaner etches the poly
top. If an excess is used and puddles, it will soften
the poly.

Apply the High Tack thin Adhesive Tape to the
frame. This is a very aggressive tape. Hold the roll
in one hand after sticking it down at one end and
unroll the tape while guiding it in place along the
frame. Use your thumb on one side of the frame
and forefinger on the other to guide the tape.
Leave the paper on the top side for now. At the
end of a side, cut the tape flush with the end.

Start the next side by butting the tape at the
corner where you just finished the first strip. And
continue around until all four sides have been
taped. Now tape the outside of the frame as you
did the bottom. At this point you need to roll the
tape with a dowel or rounded piece of stock so
that it is firmly adhered to the frame and most of
the air bubbles have been removed. Air bubbles
can be removed by pushing them aside.

If you are applying a replacement top, it’s a good
idea to etch the flange with PVC pipe cleaner
(area that will stick to the frame). It was etched the
day it left the factory and should be etched again
if over 5 day has elapsed from shipping date. An
etched surface provides a better surface for the
adhesive to grab.

To assemble the Gusset top to the frame, elevate
the frame off the table with blocks from the
bottom side (tape) up. This allows you to drop the
Top inside the frame. Hold the top in place with
several spring clamps.

The top will fit inside the frame. The 2 1/2“ flange
from the Top should sit on the frame without any
bunching or ripples along the frame. The top is
slightly smaller than the frame to eliminate the
possibilities of wrinkle or bunching of the
material. Hold each corner with a spring clamp
and make sure the top is centered.

Remove about 12“ of the paper backing material
from the tape from the center of one end only.
Press the flange in place as you continue
removing the backing form the tape. DO NOT
THIS TIME. You may have to pull up the flange if
you did not center correctly. Do the same for the
other end. The sides should be ripple free,
remove the backing material and press the sides
in place. Again start at the center working toward
the end.

Once the top is stuck in place, take a dowel or
hard roller and roll around the frame to press the
top in place. If you make a mistake in a short
length, you can pull the top and reset it.

Applying the Foam Gasket Tape:
Apply the foam gasket tape around the outside
of the bottom of the frame . Drawing B.
Remove about 12 - 18" of backing and start in the
center of the front side and work your way around
the frame. Make a smooth curve at the corners
as in Drawing B. When you come around to the
beginning, run the tape to the inside of the
Foam Gasket tape just applied, thus making the
two rows parallel and tight to each other. This
will give you a long joint that will be vacuum tight.

Note: The second row of tape should go to the
inside corner, thus, place the first row



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