Q.V.P. Large Frame Presses User Manual

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Large Frame Presses

09/24/03 Instructions for Large Frame Presses.cdr

Instructions for Large Frame Presses

Your frame press is very large and
special attention is needed when you
close the press. If you just close the
press and not push the bag against
your load, you will fill the top with
excess air. The evacuation time may
take 3 or 4 longer, depending on the
size of your load. Take the time to
push the bag against the load before
snapping the frame to the table. This
will remove most of the air and
shorten the evacuation time.

Reminder: This press creates 1800
lbs/sq.ft. of pressing force. If you
have a curved form in the press, make
sure it is strong enough to handle the
force. Always do a dry run to make
sure everything is working correctly.

Don't forget to protect the top from
sharp corners.


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