Innovate Motorsports ST-12 User Manual

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4.5 HBX-1

It is highly recommended that on high output engines, or engines
running on race gas (leaded fuel) use the HBX-1 accessory on each


Programming the LC-1ST

You must program each LC-1ST individually. You can accomplish this by plugging in each LC-1ST to the
DB-15 connector in a backwards order. For example, if you need to program eight LC-1STs you would
connect the LC-1ST going into cylinder #8 into the 8 connector and program it first. Once you finish
programming the LC-1ST you will need to cycle power (turn off the ST-12 then turn it back on) and move
on to the LC-1ST in cylinder # 7 so on an so forth until you reach the last LC-1ST in cylinder # 1.

Make sure no other program (including LM Programmer or LM-1 Manager) is using the

selected serial port.

Start the LM-Programmer software. The screen should look like this:

On this page you can see the software version of the LC-1ST and you can change the multiplier to
calculate AFR from Lambda. A number of different multipliers are already pre-selectable but you can
change it to a custom one for the particular fuel you are using.