Innovate Motorsports ST-12 User Manual

Page 25

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The LM Programmer software then shows in its first page the type and version number of the firmware of
the device.


Changing the device name

If multiple ST-12’s are used in a Log-Chain, each MUST be given a unique name so that LogWorks can
identify each ST-12. Just enter a name in the edit box in this page.


Updating the firmware

Click on the ‘Update Firmware’ button. You will be presented with a file dialog box that allows you to
select a firmware file. Firmware files end with the file extension .dld.
ST-12 firmware file names start with: AUXB1 for AuxBox 1. The first part is followed by a dash, then a V,
then the version number without dots.

Example: ST-12 firmware version 1.00 alpha release would have the file name AUXB1-V100A.dld LAM-
3 firmware version 1.00 would have the file name AUXB1-V100.dld

After you opened the firmware file, this new firmware will be downloaded in the ST-12 device.


Input 1 Configuration

Click on the Input 1 tab in the top of the window.