Innovate Motorsports ST-12 User Manual

Page 12

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If you plan to use multiple LC-1ST’s, change the device name to something identifying which LC-1ST is
connected where. For example LC1-Cyl1 for a LC1 connected to Cylinder 1. The device name can be up
to 8 characters long.

4.6.1 Resetting the calibration data

Press the Reset Calibration button if you want to reset all calibration data in the LC-1ST.
This will clear all calibration data of the LC-1ST.

4.6.2 Updating the Firmware

Click the 'Update Firmware' in the main page to upgrade to the latest firmware for the LC-1ST. Firmware
for the LC-1ST has the extension dld. You can also download the latest firmware and software (LM
Programmer and Demo) from the Innovate! Motorsports web-site at

If your computer crashes during a firmware upgrade, the LC-1ST has a recovery mechanism where it will
be able to retry the download again and not be disabled by half loaded firmware. Switch the LC-1ST off
and on again and then try to restart the LC1 Manager software. The recovery mechanism is designed to
be able to recover 99.9% of the time. While we don’t anticipate this occurring, it is possible that the LC-
1ST will not recover correctly and may need to be serviced at our factory. If you suspect this is the case,
contact Innovate support.

4.6.3 Programming the analog outputs

Select one of the Analog output tabs. The Analog output page looks like this: