Innovate Motorsports ST-12 User Manual

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First Time Use

Put the included CD in your CD-drive on your computer and follow the instructions on screen. The
Software will be installed including pre-set directories for log-data and downloaded software. The LM
Installer also puts entries for the LM Software in the Start-Menu of your computer under the heading

The following items will be installed on your hard-drive

1. LM


This is used to program the analog outputs of the LC-1ST, the fuel type used, the sensor type
used, and also allows to ‘reflash’ the firmware of the LC-1ST.

2. LogWorks

This is a comprehensive data logging and analysis package. It also allows real-time logging and


Launching and connecting LogWorks

Connect the Serial OUT port of the ST-12 to a free serial port on your computer and start the LogWorks

The following dialog box will appear:

Select the serial port (COM Port) to which the Log-Chain is connected. Then press the Connect button.

To quit here and don’t start LogWorks press the Quit button.

If you do not wish to connect to the chain of sensors (or don’t have it connected), Press the “Don’t
connect” button.

Check the “Connect on this port in the future” checkbox if you want to auto-connect on the selected port
always in the future (you can change that later on if you wish).

LogWorks can also be started by dragging one or more log files on the LogWorks icon (if you installed
one on the desktop). In this case the log files will be opened automatically.

Make sure no other program (including LM Programmer) is using the selected serial port.