Innovate Motorsports ST-12 User Manual

Page 28

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Select if you use a drive-shaft sensor or a wheel sensor. Enter the pulses per rotation created by the
sensor either as driveshaft rotation or wheel rotation. You also need to enter the wheel diameter, and in
case of a drive-shaft sensor, the final drive (differential) ratio.
The LM-Programmer will calculate the pulses per mile (km) for you.
This functionality is also available for Inputs 3,4 and 5.

6.3.4 Duty


See section 5.6 for details.


Input 2 Configuration

Function 1 and 2 of Input 2 use the TK+ and TK- inputs.
The CH2+ and CH2- inputs are used ONLY of this input is set for “external 0..5V sensor”


Input 3 configuration

Input 3 has by default duty cycle measurement as function 1. See section 5.6 for details.

For Custom Frequency, Custom RPM, speed sensing and duty cycle inputs on Input 3, see chapter 11.3

When selecting ignition timing (See chapter 9 for details) for input 3, the center of the window changes to