Innovate Motorsports ST-12 User Manual

Page 26

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6.3.1 Measuring


The drop-down list at the top of the window allows you to select the different functionality for that input. If
RPM is selected, the area below the functionality selection shows as above.

The positive edge/negative edge selection is ONLY important if this input is also used as spark reference
signal for ignition advance measurement.

Select the cylinder count in the appropriate drop-down list.

When using the custom RPM feature the center area looks like this:

On the left edit box you can specify the max RPM for this measurement channel. In the example case the
max RPM is 6000. This means that in LogWorks 6000 RPM is equivalent to 5Volt. This allows LogWorks
to have a higher RPM resolution (~ 6 RPM per step instead of 10 RPM when the range is 0..10230
RPM). This functionality is also available for Inputs 3,4 and 5.