Innovate Motorsports ST-12 User Manual

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The sensor MUST be operated in free air for calibration.

Remove the oxygen sensor and expose the sensor to air (away from the exhaust) for calibration

1 Connect the LC-1ST to the ST-12 and switch it on.
2 After the sensor has warmed up, press the pushbutton.

If a LED indicator on the face of the ST-12 will be off during the free air calibration.


Sensor heater calibration

If you change the sensor – either with a replacement sensor or a new type of sensor --, the heater circuit
of the LC-1ST needs to be recalibrated as well. (See steps in chapter 3 'First Time Use'). The heater
calibration data in the LC-1ST will be reset when the device is operated from ST-12 without a sensor
connected for at least 5 seconds. You can force a reset by doing this, and then recalibrate by turning the
unit off, reconnecting the sensor, and turning the ST-12 on.

After the sensor is warmed up the ST-12 automatically calibrates the sensor heater controller to the
particular sensor. During this 20-second period the LC-1ST collects and calculates sensor-specific data
required to quickly reach operating temperature in the future.

Note: When using the Bosch Sensors the LC-1ST may perform multiple calibration passes. This is
normal and need not cause concern. When it completes, the LC-1ST also will perform a free air
calibration. Make sure the sensor is operating in free air for the heater and free air calibration.

4.4 Sensor


Using a bung is the preferred method for mounting the O


sensor for both catalytic and non-

catalytic cars.



equipped vehicles:

Install the oxygen sensor’s bung upstream from the catalytic converter (a bung and plug is included in
the LC-1ST kit). Any decent muffler or exhaust shop can do this for you. The wide-band oxygen
sensor is then installed into the bung to take a reading. (Insert the plug into the bung when not in
use). The bung must be installed in the exhaust pipe at the side or on top, NOT on the bottom
of the exhaust pipe.
Best position is between 10:00 and 2:00 position.





converter vehicles:

You have the option with non-catalytic cars to also use a Bung as described above. Use of a bung is
the preferred method for mounting the 0


sensor for both catalytic and non-catalytic cars.