Setting my menu – Nikon SB-910 User Manual

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Custom Functions and Settings

Setting My Menu

When a custom settings page is displayed, only the custom settings items that are
set as My Menu are displayed on the LCD.

My Menu items can be changed any time.

To display all items, select “FULL” in the My Menu setting in the custom settings.

Select “SET UP” in My Menu

setting in the custom settings, and
press the [OK] button.

Select custom settings item to be

set as My Menu with the selector
dial, and press function button 2.

The selected item will have a ticked check box



No check box appears for an item that cannot

be selected.
To untick a check box, press function button

2 again.
To return to My Menu setting without saving,

press function button 1.

Repeat procedure

to set all

desired items, and then press the
[OK] button to return to My Menu

Press the [MENU] button to close

custom settings.

The LCD returns to normal display.