D –3 – Nikon SB-910 User Manual

Page 64

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Wireless Multiple Flash-unit Photography

SB-910 Wireless Multiple Flash-unit Photography Setup

SU-4 type wireless multiple flash-unit photography

Remote fl ash units start fi ring triggered by the master fl ash unit fi ring

(in AUTO mode or M mode).

Remote fl ash units stop fi ring when the master fl ash unit stops fi ring

(in AUTO mode).

Remote fl ash units

Master fl ash unit
mounted on the camera

The Speedlight mounted on the camera or the camera’s built-in flash can be used

as the master flash unit.
Be sure to cancel the master flash unit monitor pre-flash function or select a

master flash unit flash mode that does not activate monitor pre-flashes.
The flash mode is set on each flash unit. Set the same flash mode on each remote

flash unit.