Power supply connection – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.1 User Manual

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3. Place the GSM gateway pair into a free 1U place in the system rack and fit it with

four rack screws (included in the package).


The rear and upper connecting plates have different holes – the
upper plate holes are larger and without threading.
Make sure that the plate does not get into the device to avoid
electric short–circuit inside the GSM gateway.
Leave 2 cm free space at least over and under the GSM gateway
for better ventilation (airflow)!

Power Supply Connection

Use only the power supply adapter included. Make sure that the electric distribution
network voltage is in compliance with the data on the supply adapter plate before
plugging the adapter. First plug the supply adapter into the mains socket and

only then

connect the adapter connector to the gateway. Refer to the status indicators.


Connecting a defective or inappropriate power supply adapter

may lead to a temporary or permanent 2N VoiceBlue MAX


Check whether the antenna is connected before plugging the
adapter. Feeding the device without antenna connection
may result in the GSM module transmitter damage.