Point–to–multipoint configuration – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.1 User Manual

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All calls outbound to GSM are routed to the 2N VoiceBlue MAX


gateway in the

Point–to–Point mode that uses 2N VoiceBlue MAX



Point–to–Multipoint Configuration

Point–to–Multipoint is a classical scheme of a distributed VoIP network with one or
more SIP Proxy servers (VoIP gateway). The SIP Proxy server is a software PBX (or a
standard PBX extended with VoIP services), which is responsible for all VoIP signalling.

Multiple source devices (VoIP phones, e.g.) and multiple target devices ( 2N


, e.g.) can be used in this mode. An internal routing algorithm (Least

VoiceBlue MAX
Cost Router, LCR) of your SIP Proxy is used for routing outgoing GSM and other calls in

this mode. Calls to GSM networks can be routed via the


2N VoiceBlue MAX


s. All SIP signalling is governed by the SIP Proxy server and the subsequent voice
stream is based on the Point–to–Point RTP.