Control – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.1 User Manual

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Add record


enable/disable the selected routing rule.

Message to SMS group – select the SMS group via which the SMS will be sent.
Action type – select the action for the outgoing SMS:Submit from user –
select the user in case

is selected.

Action type = Submit from user

– enable sending SMS from the selected user.

Submit from user

– enable sending SMS from all the SMS group

Submit from all users

Time limitation – set the rule validity time.
Days limitation – set the days in a week on which the rule shall be valid.
Dial mask – set the filter for the SMS addressee telephone number (Dial). If the
selected mask matches the Dial, the SMS will be routed accroding to the rules set
above. If not, the SMS will be rejected and deleted. The * character replaces any
string of characters (789789789 = 789*, e.g.). The ? character replaces any
character (789789789 = 789??????, e.g.).
Text begin – set the string to be matched against the SMS text beginning. If a
match is found, the SMS will be routed according to the rules set above.


The rules are applied to outgoing SMS sequentially, starting
from the first rule. If all the set rules are met in a row, the SMS
is routed according to the row.


This section helps you monitor the system. It includes storage filling information and
AutoCLIP records.

SMS queues

The subsection displays the current SMS storage state.

Incoming SMS database

The subsection displays current information on the incoming SMS storage filling
percentage and maximum count of incoming storage records.