Port modes, Gsm basic parameters – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.1 User Manual

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Port Modes

This item helps you set each of your gateway ports. The settings are based on
the LCR table including relevant routing/rejecting rules for all incoming and
outgoing calls.

GSM basic parameters

Count of digits dialled from VoIP

Minimum digits from VoIP – minimum count of digits to be dialled into GSM.

Maximum digits from VoIP – maximum count of digits to be dialled into GSM.

Wait for next digit [s] – timeout during which


2N VoiceBlue



further digits dialled from VoIP to GSM.


Relax timeout [s] – time interval between the end of the last call and the
beginning of the next call via one and the same GSM module (all incoming and
outgoing calls are rejected during this timeout). The recommended value is 2
seconds. Do not change this setting unless absolutely necessary.

Timeout for ringing to GSM [s]

– ringing timeout for outgoing calls to GSM. If not

answered or terminated within this timeout, the call will be terminated
automatically by the gateway when this timeout elapses.

Bank holiday list

A list of dates to which the weekend routing mode should be applied in the LCR table.

DTMF settings

The minimum delay between two identical DTMF characters received [s/100].

Tone detector settings

The GSM gateway can automatically detect user defined tones sent by the GSM/UMTS
network during call setup. In general, user defined tones are tones of the number to be
transmitted. Having detected such tone, the GSM gateway terminates the call
automatically and attempts to set it up through the next available outgoing group (as
defined in the LCR table).

Frequency 1;2;3;4 – defined frequency of the tone to be detected.

Sequence list – sequence of the above defined tones for detection.

Voice parameters of GSM modules

Here you can set the voice level for the GSM modules in the GSM gateway.

Audio level DSP

Here you can set the voice level for calls in the signal processor of the GSM gateway.