Voip parameters – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.1 User Manual

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End of dialling (empty=off) – a selectable DTMF code for DTMF dialling end in the
event of a DISA incoming call. The default value is '#'.

VoIP parameters

VoIP functions

Day of deleting statistics on VoIP (every month) – the day of automatic deletion
of call statistics on the VoIP interface. None = no deletion.

Default number of digits to VoIP - default lenght of called party number for
outgoing calls

from FXS to VoIP interface.

SIP protocol settings

Use CLIP from INVITE field – the CLIP as set in the


field will be



used for routing calls into GSM/UMTS networks.
Send 180 ringing instead of 183 session progress.
Send 200 OK instead of 180/183.
Send 200 OK and BYE when rejected from GSM.

Send 200 OK on REGISTER request – virtual registration of the device in 2N


(necessary for registration–requiring equipment).

VoiceBlue MAX
Replace CLIP from GSM with Caller ID.
Deny DTMF according to RFC2833.
Forward DTMF for ME (Mobility Extension).
Use SIP over TCP for registration.
Use SIP over TCP for calls.

SIP registration

Registration expires [s] – the timeout after which the 2N VoiceBlue MAX


registration data expire at the SIP Proxy.
Reattempt registration [s] – time interval for re–sending the request.
Registration domain (realm).
Caller ID.
Username – registration data for the SIP Proxy.
Password – registration data for the SIP Proxy.

Voice parameters

First RTP port (even: 1024 – 65524) – number of the first RTP port. The number
must be even as recommended.
Last RTP port (even: first RTP+10 – 65534) – number of the last RTP port. The
number must be even as recommended. The recommended minimum range of
RTP ports should be 10.

Codec settings

detailed codec settings (G.711a/u, or G.729).