Gsm group assignment, Gsm outgoing groups – 2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.1 User Manual

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Text of SMS at no answer – type the text of the SMS to be sent to the called
subscriber in the event of no answer (+ the function is active). The %N string
inserts the CLIP received from VoIP into the SMS.

Text of SMS for all calls – fill in this parameter to make the GSM gateway send
an SMS message to every called subscriber regardless of whether or not the call
was connected. The %N string inserts the CLIP received from VoIP into the SMS.

Save received SMS to – select the storage for SMS received.

SIM card identification – select the SIM IMSI/SCID for CDRs.

Disable CLIP from GSM/UMTS to VoIP/FXS – enable/disable resending the CLIP
from GSM to VoIP/FXS.

Reject call with CHLD – reject incoming GSM/UMTS calls by means of AT+CHLD
(user busy) instead of standard ATH.

GSM group assignment

You can assign the GSM/UMTS modules to groups separately for incoming and outgoing
calls. See the two items below for outgoing and incoming group settings.

GSM outgoing groups

2N VoiceBlue MAX


allows you to work with two groups of outgoing calls for each of

which you can set variable connection set–up modes and count of used minutes and
sent SMS messages for a selected period.

General settings

Delay for CONNECT [s] – define a delay before sending information on the
connected call after receipt from GSM.

Minimum ring duration to send SMS at no answer [s] – set the minimum ringing
time for an outgoing call to GSM/UMTS before the SMS at no answer is sent.



function works properly only if the

SMS at no answer

INVITE message contains the called and caller numbers.

Delay for ALERTING [a] – define a delay before sending information on ringing

Minute parameter – select whether or not the GSM gateway should record the
call length or count for outgoing call restriction.

Day of deleting statistics in group (every month) – define a day on which
statistics on disconnected calls should be deleted.

Generate virtual ring tone – enable/disable generation of the virtual ringing tone
to the VoIP interface.

Call length counting: select whether the call should be counted in seconds or

BTS lock – identify the BTS to which the GSM modules should be logged fixedly.