2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.1 User Manual

Page 81

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Response to AT^MS:ch – number of wireless
enginesim – number of currently used SIM:
0–none, 1–8–holder 1–8sts3 – status of layer
3sts2 – status of layer 2phs2 – substatus of
layer 2type – type of wireless engine


Module info ch = 0 –31


Response to AT^MInetid – network ID of active
wireless networkoper – name of active wireless
networknew – number of received and saved
SMS on SIM cardcnt – total number of sent SMS
messages according to statistics

*smsinc: ch,ix,sts,mem

SMS message has been received and savedix –
index number of saved SMS (0–250)sts – status
of SMS (from +CMGL: ix.sts.len)mem – type of
used storage (1,2,3)

*smsrep: ch,ix,sts,mem

SMS status confirmation has been receivedsts –
reserved (0)

*smsout: ch[/id],ref,req

SMS message was sent and not saved to SIM
cardRef – reference number of SMS (0–255) – to
be used in status confirmation messagesID –
third party identification number of SMS

*smspdu: ch,ix,sts,len,pdu,csum

Content of SMS messagelen – length of SMS
message (number of bytes in PDU)PDU – content
of message in PDU formatcsum – checksum of
all PDU bytes (2 hexa digits) calculated without

*smsdel: ch,ix

SMS message deletion confirmation

*smserr: ch[/id],ix,req,err,cms

Fault command response, or SMS not sentreq –
required wireless engine or GSM grouperr – error
– error cause from wireless engine

*smssel: ch,cnt

SMS storage change confirmation


SMS listing – request for listing of all SMS
messages and status confirmations saved on SIM
card. Possible answers:: *smserr (busy,list) or
*smsinc (ix=1..255) for each saved SMS or
status SMS , end of list or empty SIM card –
*smsinc (ix=0).


SMS read – request for reading of an SMS
message or SMS status saved on SIM card.
Possible answers: *smserr (busy,read) or


SMS delete – request for deletion of an SMS
message (or SMS status message). Possible
answers: *smserr (busy,delete) or *smsdel