2N VoiceBlue MAX v1.1 User Manual

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2N TELEKOMUNIKACE a.s., www.2n.cz


calling number is found, the incoming call is routed directly to the corresponding
extension. To set the Dynamic CLIP routing function use the GSM incoming




If the incoming call is still not processed, the gateway will receive the call and

send either a voice message or the dialtone to the caller. After that, 2N


awaits the required count of digits necessary for connection

VoiceBlue MAX
set–up. Set the minimum and maximum counts of DTMF digits in the GSM


incoming groups


does not receive the minimum count of digits and no

2N VoiceBlue MAX


other digit comes within the timeout set in the DTMF dialling timeout
parameter, the call is forwarded to the operator as if the called extension number
were unknown.
If call forwarding to the operator is inactive, the incoming call will be rejected.

DISA Welcome Note

If the DISA service is active and a welcome note has been recorded, the welcome note
is played to every incoming call whose number is not included in the CLIP table or
forwarded according to the Dynamic CLIP routing table. When the welcome note has
been played, the gateway waits for the first DTMF digit for the period set in the GSM

table. Having received the count of digits

incoming groups DTMF dialling timeout
included in the

table, the

GSM incoming groups Minimum count of DTMF digits

gateway will set up connection to the SIP Proxy. Use the GSM gateway web interface to
upload the DISA welcome note.