Vacuum – Kinze ISOBUS Electronics Package (4900) Rev. 4/14 User Manual

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Rev. 4/14


In the Vacuum settings screen, the Low Vacuum Threshold and Alarm Response time can be adjusted. The vacuum
sensors can also be zeroed. Tap on the TABLE box to bring up pressure settings for all crops.

Zero vacuum Sensor Command
If the vacuum fans are off and either is still reading pressure, this button can be used to set the zero point of the sensor.

This controls how fast the vacuum fans adjust. If it is taking too long for the fans to adjust to the correct vacuum, slowly
increase this number until the desired results are reached.

Zero Flow Offset
This sets how far the hydraulic valve will open when the fans are first turned on. If the fans are taking too long to come
up to vacuum, gradually increase this number until the desired result is reached. If the fans are overshooting the vacuum
level, decrease this value until the desired result is reached.

high/Low vacuum Threshold
This sets the threshold for where a visual and audible alarm for high or low vacuum will appear while planting.

Alarm Response Time
This sets the amount of time the alarm condition must exist before the visual and audible alarm comes up. If the
response time is set to 10 seconds, the vacuum has to be above the threshold for 10 seconds before a high vacuum
alarm is displayed.

Crop Settings
In this screen, vacuum levels for all crops can be set. These will be the values used when a crop is selected from the
Crop Type screen.

The diagnostics section will display the sensor voltage, actual vacuum, target vacuum, and PWM duty cycle for each fan.