Switching the s1 on and off – BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

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• The music will pause automatically if you receive a call on the phone.

• You can use the volume buttons on the S1 to adjust the volume. Depending on your phone model,

you may also be able to adjust the volume using the volume buttons on your phone.

If the music does not play automatically through the S1, you may need to change a
setting on your phone to configure it to play the music through Bluetooth. If this is the
case on your phone, you need to change your phone's "play via" or "listen via" setting
to configure it to use Bluetooth to play the audio.

If you receive a call while you are listening to music through the S1, the music will pause until you
reject or end the call. On some phones you will need to restart the music manually.

Switching the S1 On and Off

You can tell if the S1 is on or off by looking at the Bluetooth Light on the front. If the light is on or
flashing, then the S1 is on.

• To switch the S1 on, hold

for 1 second (until the Bluetooth Light flashes blue).

• To switch the S1 off, hold

for 5 seconds (until the Bluetooth Light turns red).

The S1 plays a beep when it switches on and off.