Introduction – BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

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The BlueAnt S1 Bluetooth


car kit offers a safe and legal alternative to talking on your phone while


Welcome to the S1 user manual. If you are looking for help with your BlueAnt S1, then you've come to
the right place. This manual explains everything you need to know about your S1, and more.

Getting to know your BlueAnt Device

Your BlueAnt device came with a

"Quick Start Guide", and you should read this first. It tells you

everything you need to get started, and is the best place to start learning about your BlueAnt device.

The online user guide contains all the information from the Quick Start Guide plus much more,
including tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your BlueAnt device, details of how to access
the advanced features and functions of your device, and troubleshooting information with advice on
solving common problems you might encounter.

Using this Manual

To make it as easy as possible to use, this user manual is available as both a set of web pages and a

Both versions contain exactly the same information. The web pages are ideal if you want to read about
your BlueAnt device on your computer screen or using a mobile device with internet access. If you
prefer to save a copy of the user manual to read offline or to print out, then you can download the PDF