Automatic reconnection – BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

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Automatic Reconnection

The BlueAnt S1 is designed to reconnect to your phone automatically.

If you take your phone out of range of the BlueAnt S1 for more than 20 seconds (without turning the S1
off), and then come back into range the S1 will search for your phone and reconnect automatically.

It can take up to 10 seconds for the S1 to find your phone and reconnect.

The S1 will only automatically reconnect to the last two connected phones. If your
phone is not one of the last two connected phones then you will have to reconnect to
the S1 using your phone's Bluetooth menu.

In addition, the S1 will not reconnect automatically if you manually disconnected your
phone from the S1 using your phone's Bluetooth menu. In this case you will need to
use your phone's Bluetooth menu to reconnect.

By default, some phones (including Blackberry phones) will prompt you to confirm
whether you want to accept the connection from the S1. If your phone keeps prompting
you about the connection to the S1, then you should change the setting on your phone
so that it treats the S1 as a trusted or authorized connection. For more information,

"My Phone Does Not Automatically Reconnect to the S1" (page 18)