Pairing – BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

Page 11

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You only need to pair your phone with the S1 once. Once you have paired your phone with the S1 they
will reconnect to each other in future without you having to repeat the pairing process. If you need to
pair an additional phone, simply:

1. Turn the S1 off by holding down

(the Multi-Function button) for about 5 seconds. The

S1 will beep and the light will turn red and then go out.

2. Put the S1 back into pairing mode by holding down

(the Multi-Function button) for

about 5 seconds, until the Bluetooth light starts flashing red and blue.

3. Follow the instructions in

"Getting Started: Pairing The S1" (page 5)

to pair the S1 with your


The S1 can store pairing information for up to 8 Bluetooth devices. If you pair a ninth device, it will
replace the stored pairing information for the phone that has not connected to the S1 for the longest

You can connect the S1 to two phones at the same time. For more information, see

"Using More Than

One Phone At The Same Time (Multipoint)" (page 15)