Troubleshooting, Resetting the s1, To reset the s1 – BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

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This section describes some typical problems you may encounter, and explains how to solve them.

General Advice

If you are having problems with your S1, you can reset the S1 and start again: see

"Resetting the

S1" (page 18)

for more information.

If this does not solve your problem, you should:

• Check that your phone has the latest firmware installed on it, and update your phone if it does

not. You should be able to download new firmware from your phone manufacturer's website.

• Try resetting your phone by switching it off, removing the battery, and then replacing the battery

and switching it back on again.

If you have tried all of these steps, and have still not been able to resolve your problem, then please
call us for help.

Resetting the S1

If you are experiencing problems, you can reset the BlueAnt S1 and start again.

Resetting the S1 will clear all the stored pairing settings and put the device back into
pairing mode.

To Reset the S1

1. Turn the S1 off.

2. Hold down "Vol +" and

(the Multi-Function button) together until you hear a loud

siren/distinctive tone.

3. The S1 will turn on. Hold down the

"MFB" for about 5 seconds to turn it off again.

The S1 has now been reset: all pairing information has been deleted. When you turn the S1 back on
again it will go straight to pairing mode.