BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

Page 19

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My Phone Does Not Automatically Reconnect to the S1

Once you have paired your phone with the S1, they should automatically reconnect every time they
come back into range with each other.

By default, some phones (including Blackberry phones) will prompt you to confirm whether you
want to accept the connection from the S1. If your phone keeps prompting you about the connection
to the S1, then you should change the setting on your phone so that it treats the S1 as a trusted or
authorized connection.

Configuring Your Phone To Automatically Reconnect to the S1

1. Go to your phone's Bluetooth menu.

2. Locate the BlueAnt S1 in the list of paired devices, and go to the options or device property


3. The exact option to change will depend on your phone model, but look for the option to set this

device as an "authorized device", add it to your phone's list of "trusted devices", or change the
"trusted" setting for this connection to "yes".