Getting started: pairing the s1 – BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

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Getting Started: Pairing The S1

To get started, you need to pair the S1 with your phone.

Pairing creates a stored link between the phone and the car kit. Once you have paired your phone with
the S1 they will reconnect to each other in future without you having to repeat the pairing process.

1. Make sure the S1 is turned off.

You can tell if the S1 is on or off by looking at the Bluetooth Light on the front. If the light is on or
flashing, then the S1 is on: turn it off by holding down

(the Multi-Function button) for

about 5 seconds. The S1 will beep and the light will turn red and then go out.

2. With the S1 off, hold down

(the Multi-Function button) for about 5 seconds, until the

Bluetooth light starts flashing red and blue. This indicates that the S1 is in pairing mode.

3. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone, and turn Bluetooth on.

If you don't know how to do this, refer to the section on pairing or Bluetooth in your phone's
manual, or check with your phone manufacturer for more information on how to enable
Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

4. Use your phone's Bluetooth menu to search for Bluetooth devices. This may take a few minutes,

depending on your phone model.

5. When your phone finishes searching, it will display a list of devices it has found. Select the

BlueAnt S1 from the list.

6. If your phone prompts you for a password or security code, enter

"0000" (four zeros).

7. Some phones will now connect to the BlueAnt S1 automatically. If your phone prompts you to

confirm whether you want to connect to the S1, accept the connection request.