Using more than – BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

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Using More Than One Phone At The Same

Time (Multipoint)

The S1 supports

multipoint technology. This means that you can use one S1 car kit with two different

mobile phones or Bluetooth devices at the same time: if either phone rings, you can answer it with the
BlueAnt S1.

If I Have Two Phones Connected, Which One Will Be Used?

When you have two phones connected to the S1:

• You can answer calls received on either phone.

• If you initiate a call through the S1 (by using the

button to either redial the last call

or use your phone's voice dial feature), then the call will happen on whichever phone is currently
designated the

primary phone. As explained below, this is determined by a combination of

connection order and active calls.

Which Phone Is The Primary Phone?

The primary phone is either

the phone that connected to the S1 most recently or the phone that had


last active call:

• When your phones connect to the S1, the one that connects last becomes the primary.

• Every time you have an active call through the S1 (incoming or outgoing), the phone with the call

becomes the primary phone.

• If both phones go out of range and come back into range together then the primary phone will be

whichever one happens to reconnect last out of the two. In this case you will not be able to tell
which phone is the primary until you either initiate a call through the S1 or receive a call on one
of the phones.