Streaming music, Making calls – BlueAnt S1 Sun Visor Handsfree Kit User Manual

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Making Calls

To make a call, do any of the following:

• Dial a number on your phone: the audio will automatically transfer to the S1.

• To redial the last number you called, hold

for about 3 seconds (this function is only

available if your phone supports the handsfree Bluetooth profile).

• If your phone supports voice dialing, then you can use it to make calls. Hold


about 1 second to activate your phone's voice dialing feature. You may need to record voice tags
on your phone to use this feature: see your phone's manual for more details.

If you want to end the call, just click

or use your phone's end call button.

On some phone models, the audio may remain on the phone when you initiate a call.
In this case, hold the green Multi-Function button for about 1 second to transfer the
audio to the BlueAnt S1.

Streaming Music

If your phone supports the Bluetooth A2DP profile, you can play music from it through the S1 speaker.

To play music, make sure that your phone is paired and connected, then simply go to your phone's
music player and press play.

• Once the music is playing you can double click

to pause and play the music.