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General Settings

Auto Programming

This recorder is equipped with a frequency
synthesized tuner capabie of receiving up to 88

anaiogue channeis and 500 digitai channeis.


Connect the recorder to the desired type of antenna,
as shown in Connecting to the Antenna on page 11.


Password is needed to access the [Auto
Programming] option if [Lock System] option is set to


Manual Channel Add

This feature manuaiiy adds channeis.


Password is needed to access the [Add Channei]

option if [Lock System] option is set to [On],

1. Seiect the [Program Edit] option then press ► .

2. Use A / T to seiect the [Add Channei] option then

press ENTER.

Piro«r*in Ldrt

TV A«9wt

3*¥* Mad*

Anf—i W

¥ ti


1. Seiect the [Auto Programming] option.

2. Press ► to move to the third ievei.

[Start] option is highiighted.

3. Press ENTER to begin the channei search.

The tuner wiii automaticaiiy cycie through aii
avaiiabie channeis in the area and piace them in
the tuner’s memory.
You can skip the anaiogue channei scanning by
pressing ►.


if you skip the Auto Setup menu and access the

Setup menu for the first time, you can oniy set the
[Auto Programming] option. You can set the other
options after finishing [Auto Programming].

Use A / T to seiect [Anaiogue] for anaiogue

channei or [Digitai] for digitai channei then press ►.

Use A / T to seiect a channei number.

Searches for a channei automaticaiiy.
Searching stops when the recorder tunes in a

Press ENTER to add the channei.


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