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General Settings (Continued)

Power Save Mode

You can set up the unit into an economic power save

mode. Nothing is dispiayed in the dispiay window

when the unit is turned off.

• [OFF] Power Save Mode is not active.

• [ON] Power Save Mode is active.


The Power Save Mode is not avaiiabie in the standby

mode for the timer recording.

Antenna feed 5V

if you are using an active antenna, you wiii have to

switch on the antenna feed (DC 5V/100mA). The

antenna wiii be suppiied via the ANTENNA iN input,

in case of overioad, or if there is a short circuit in the

antenna feed, this wiii be switched off automaticaiiy. if

this occurs, piease repair the fauit, then switch on the

antenna feed again.


You can reset the recorder to its originai factory
settings and initiaiize the FiDD.

• [Factory Set] if you need to, you can reset the

recorder to aii its factory settings. Some options

cannot be reset. (DVD Rating, Password, and Area

Code) Seiect [Factory Set] icon then press ENTER
and auto setup menu wiii appear, see page 15.

• [HDD format] initiaiizes the HDD (Hard Disk Drive):

everything recorded on the HDD wiii be erased.

1. Seiect [initiaiize] option then press ►.

2. Press A / T to seiect the desired option then press


The confirm message wiii appear.

3. Use ◄ / ► to seiect [Yes] or [No] then press


Language Settings

Utsc M



DTV Av4l*
DTV Cl*»»4 CaptMn


v/ FAfMfrii


I rattan



Display Menu

Seiect a ianguage for the Setup menu and on-screen

Disc Menu/Audio/Subtitie

• [Originai] Refers to the originai ianguage in which

the disc was recorded.

• [Other] To seiect another ianguage, press ENTER.

Press number buttons then ENTER to enter the

corresponding 4-digit number according to the

ianguage code iist in the reference chapter (see

page 61). if you enter the wrong ianguage code,
press CLEAR.

• [Off](for Disc Subtitie) : Turn off Subtitie.

DTV Audio

Digitai channeis sometimes provide muitipie audio

tracks, often in a different ianguage. You can set a
defauit audio ianguage with this setting.


if provided by the broadcaster, you can aiso seiect a

different audio ianguage whiie viewing TV by pressing

AUDiO repeatediy.

DTV Ciosed Caption

Digitai channeis sometimes provide Ciosed Caption,

often in a different ianguage. You can set a defauit

Ciosed Caption ianguage with this setting.


DTV Ciosed Caption wiii appear oniy if provided by

the broadcaster.


if avaiiabie, you can aiso seiect a Ciosed Caption

ianguage whiie viewing digitai TV viewing, press

SUBTiTLE repeatediy.

• if Ciosed Captions are avaiiabie, the DTV Ciosed

Caption icon (1^1 appears on the program

information dispiay to indicate that you can seiect

one of those Ciosed Caption options with the
SUBTiTLE button.

DivX Subtitle

You can seiect a ianguage code for DivX subtitie.



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