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Page 23: Auto chapter, Timeshift, Mpeg4, Dv recording audio, Recording settings

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Recording Settings

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Record Mode Set

You can set the picture quality for recording;
XP (High Quality), SP (Standard Quality),

LP (Low Quality), EP (Extend Quality).
MLP (Maximum Long Play)

• XP - Highest quality setting, gives about 1 hour of

recording time on a DVD (4.7GB).

• SP - Default quality, sufficient for most applications,

gives about 2 hours of recording time on a DVD (4.7GB).

• LP - Slightly lower video quality, gives about 4 hour

of recording time on a DVD disc (4.7GB).

• EP - Low video quality, gives about 6 hour of

recording time on a DVD (4.7GB).

• MLP - The longest recording time with the lowest

video quality, gives about 11 hours of recording time

on a DVD (4.7GB).


You may see a fragmented picture or distorted subtitle

during playing back the contents recorded in EP and

MLP mode.

Record Aspect

When recording, you can set the recording aspect

ratio to suit the material you’re recording (16:9 or 4:3).


This option does not affect to the MPEG4 recording.

When TV recording with bilingual, you can choose

audio channel to record.
[Main+Sub] Main language and Sub language
[Main] Main language only
[Sub] Sub language only

Auto Chapter

When DVD recording, chapter markers are put in
specified setting. You can change this interval to 5

minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. If you select

[None], switch off automatic chapter marking
altogether with the [None] setting.


Set this option to [QN] make this unit to use the

Timeshift function automatically without pressing the
TIMESHIFT button. The Timeshift function will start

automatically about 5 seconds after the TV tuner

mode is start.

If you want to use this function manually, see

“Timeshift” on page 42.
[QN] Use Timeshift function automatically.
[QFF] Use Timeshift function manually.


When HDD recording, you can set the video recording
format to MPEG2 or MPEG4. If you want to record a
video with MPEG4 format, select [QN]. When this
choice is made, this unit will record the video with

MPEG4 format on the HDD.

[QFF] For MPEG2 recording in HDD mode
[QN] For MPEG4 recording in HDD mode

TV Recording Audio

DV Recording Audio

You need to set this if you have a camcorder using
32kHz/12-bit sound connected to the front panel DV

IN ]ack.

Some digital camcorders have two stereo tracks for
audio. Qne is recorded at the time of shooting; the
other is for overdubbing after shooting.
Qn the Audio 1 setting, the sound that was recorded

while shooting is used.

Qn the Audio 2 setting, the overdubbed sound is




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